Green Solutions


There is overwhelming evidence of the great value of installing living walls in homes, offices and public spaces. They strengthen our connection to nature, improve our concentration levels, and have even been proven to increase productivity in the workplace. Organic Gardens can supply living wall solutions for a garden, home or office space, cleaning the air we breathe and contributing to a greener future. We are approved installers for Plantbox , the system we use for our living walls. Plantbox is an eco-friendly, stackable vertical planter with its own clever watering system, made from 100% recycled plastic. Contact us to meet with a member of our design team.








Just like living walls, green roofs offer many benefits. A green roof in an urban environment soaks up excess rainwater and reduces pollution, purifying the air by absorbing toxic particles and breathing out oxygen. They are beneficial for bees and other insects, contributing to our ecosystems. Whether or not you need a green roof for a bin store or a garage roof we can assess your requirements and provide the solution. 

Wildflower turf is an amazing way to inject some bio-diversity into your garden and has been proven to increase bee and butterfly populations. These creatures need our help now with the bumblebee population alone decreasing by a staggering 70% in the last 40 years in the UK with two species actually going extinct. As approved installers of Wildflower Turf we can create a wildlife haven in your garden and make a positive contribution to your local ecosystem.

We are approved installers for Wildflower Turf .