Mindfulness on a gardening website? Why? 

Mindfulness means presence. It is being aware of one’s thoughts, emotions, and experiences on a moment-to-moment basis. Mindfulness and gardening are a perfect match together as Mindful Gardening presents us with an opportunity to truly connect to nature and ourselves by focusing on what we are doing at any particular moment in the garden.

If we can switch to a “being with” outlook rather than a “doing to” attitude when working in the garden, then we can foster a deep appreciation for how nature works and the interconnectivity of life. At the root of all great mindfulness teachings is a sense of compassion for others and all living things. Mindful gardening can help foster more compassion within you which can then filter out in to the wider world. 

Sometimes the environmental crisis and all of the problems it brings can be quite overwhelming for us on an individual basis, making us feel helpless, as if we can’t make a difference. But if you have a garden, the environment is reduced down to a micro level where actually we can make a real difference, and therefore have a positive influence on our immediate surroundings. We can grow flowers that feed pollinating insects, we can only use organic fertilisers and mulch,  we can harvest rainwater and we can grow our own food supplies. Thus mindful gardening has many positive benefits as well of course the health benefits for the individual.





Mindfulness in the workplace not only makes us happier and healthier but is a proven competitive advantage for any business . Many successful companies have realised this and implemented mindfulness based stress reduction programmes to improve mental health in the workplace, as well as many other benefits for both the individual and the organisation alike. 



As part of Organic Gardens, Mind Bonsai, offers mindfulness based  training courses to employees of companies located in the UK. These courses help to build employee resilience by focusing on the importance of maintaining a deep connection to nature, through mindful activities such as caring for a small bonsai tree or forest walking. These types of activities have been shown to improve concentration levels and reduce stress, as well as many other benefits.

If you would like to know more about mindfulness or any of our meditation courses, please get in touch.